They’re back! After 39 years, the music continues with a new line-up

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The KT Bush Band was formed in 1977 by Brian Bath (guitar), and Vic King (drums), with Del Palmer on bass and of course Kate Bush on vocals and piano. They played classic soul and rock covers, Brian’s songs, and many of Kate’s songs before they were released on the EMI label.

From modest early gigs around well-known venues in London and the south, the band quickly gained a venue-filling loyal following. Lucky audiences heard songs like “James and the Cold Gun”, “Them Heavy People” and “Oh To Be in Love” long before they were released by songwriter Kate Bush on “The Kick Inside”.

Now Vic and Brian have taken the music back on the road, so you can join them with new friends Jodie, Rob, and Steve, as they recreate the magic of early Kate Bush gigs, with fascinating insights and anecdotes, and even some original KT Bush Band songs not heard since Kate Bush last sang them 39 years ago!

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This is a band that belongs in big theatres. A stunning presentation of some huge and much loved songs.

Where have they been for nearly four decades? Brian did some amazing guitar work on Kate Bush’s albums.

Superb musicianship from everyone. I knew something special was planned, but I didn’t expect this!

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